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​The Philly KiDZ Initiative is a local non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization that represents a community push towards integrated Academic and Performing Arts Education. Our goal is to expand after school time and program opportunities for children, to support their learning and development throughout their Academic career. Our Programs include structured, educational activities supervised by School District Teachers and Aides.

Does participation in the Philly KiDZ Initiative make a difference?

​"...Research studies confirm that children and youth who participate in after school programs achieve a host of positive benefits in a number of interrelated outcome areas-Academic, Social-Emotional, Prevention, and Health and Wellness. These are the skills that many suggest are necessary for youth to succeed in the 21st Century Global Economy and World..." (Harvard Family Research Project)

What Programs are available through the Initiative?

​The Philly KiDZ Initiative focuses on providing a variety of enhanced programming tailored to the interest level of every child.

Our Signature Programs are:

  • Music/Orchestral Program

  • Choral/Vocal Program

  • Science, Math, Reading and Chess/ Computer Programming

  • Visual Arts

  • Drama Programs

  • Sports Programs             

  • Video/Movie Creation and Editing

Give us a call:

(215) 378-9700


Philly KiDZ Initiative also provides language translation services, help with child care resources, CHIP information and enrollment assistance, and much more...

Philly KiDZ Initiative is an ELRC/CCIS Approved Provider #4113889905. 

How will the After School Program be structured?​

The participants time is divided in to two segments. The first part of the program will be dedicated to Academic Advancement and homework assistance. Students will be monitored, in a group classroom setting, by School District teachers. After completion of their daily assignments, they will proceed to their selected activities for the rest of the day.

Will Food Be Provided?

Yes...All children participating in the After School Program will receive Twilight Meal provided by the Philadelphia School District.

What are the hours of operation and how late can I pick up my child?

​The Philly KiDZ Initiative is available Monday through Friday,

from 3:00PM to 6:00PM, and is CLOSED on National and School Holidays.

Unfortunately, there are no extended hours beyond 6:00PM. For further information, please refer to your Parent Handbook.

​I don't think my child needs the Academic help,

can I only enroll in the Activities segment of the program?

​Absolutely, yes. The Activities Segment of the program runs from 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM, and requires a minimum of a 4 day per week commitment.

Can my child attend part-time?​

Philly KiDZ is an extended day educational and enrichment program​ and requires a 4 day minimum attendance commitment. 


How do I support the Philly KiDZ?

Philly KiDZ Initiative is an ELRC/CCIS and Community Supported Educational Enrichment Program. The funds collected are designated towards teachers' compensation, school climate improvement, and operational costs and school supplies. (i.e. writing utensils, white boards, paper, etc.) Please contact Mark Ingerman @ 215-378-9700 for more information on how you may be able to help us support Philly KiDZ Initiative.

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