Remote Learning Center

During this uncertain time of COVID-19, stability in child's life, their emotional and social well being is a parent's priority. We, at Philly KiDZ Initiative, are extremely sensitive to a family's need to bring that form of comfort and assurance to your child's life.

Schools are not just places to receive information.

Schools are a safe heaven for a child.

A place where they grow as a complete person.

A place where they develop their innate individual ability to make relationships and learn to interact with society.

A place where they spend over seven hours a day, five days per week, learning, socializing, developing their ability to be human.

We, as parents ourselves, understand and we wanted to help other families in offering a better choice to all who are struggling with this dilemma.

Philly KiDZ Initiative Educational Center in Huntingdon Valley is the perfect place for your children. 


Why Philly KiDZ?

Let's compare.

Day Care Centers

that accepted School Aged Children in order for parents to go back to work.

1) Child Day Care Centers are NOT Schools.

2) They cannot guarantee to help your child with their online educational platform.

3) They cannot guarantee Grade appropriate educational and emotional support.

4) They DO NOT have After School S.T.E.A.M. activities.

5) School Age children are pretty much left to themselves to figure things out...

Philly KiDZ Initiative Educational Center

1) Philly KiDZ Initiative is a Partner in Education inside the Philadelphia and Surrounding School Districts

2) We communicate with your child's teacher on daily basis to provide updates on their progress and to make sure the exact needs of your child are met.

3) We utilize School District Staff to help children with their learning platforms and homework assignments, as well as, project completion.

4) We created an Age Appropriate School Environment where children are separated

according to Grade Level

in order to socialize children of the same age group.

5) When School ends at the end of the day, children have access to


many different activities and clubs such as

"Write Your Own Play",

" Math Is Me",

English Learners Club,

Chess and Checkers Strategic Thinking,

"Space Explorers",

"Science Fiction and Fruition",

Creative and Visual Arts,

Rock Music Club

and everyone's favorite...


6) Children are monitored, supervised and directed by School District Personnel at ALL TIMES and through ALL ACTIVITIES.

7) Three healthy meals per day... interspersed with a lot of physical activity.

8) Philly KiDZ Initiative is a proud member of NIOST.

9) Our prices are reduced in order to help your family financially during this uncertain time of COVID...

10) We accept ELRC/CCIS Subsidies.

OUR PROVIDER #4113889905-8

It is plain to see the advantages that Philly KiDZ Initiative has over a Day Care Center. I urge you, as a parent and guardian of your children to reach out to Philly KiDZ Directors,

Mark Ingerman @215-378-9700 or Alla Sherman @ 267-808-8518

and speak with them about your family's need to meet the educational and emotional challenges that your children have to face daily. 

How may we help you?