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“Philly  KiDZ”  Initiative

Summer Performance & Visual Arts Camp  

Operates Monday - Friday during the Summer Months:

7:00 AM - 6:00 PM



2000 Bowler Street,

Philadelphia, PA 19116




The Cost of the Camp is


ELRC PROVIDER #4113889905-2


Weekly Trips to be announced.....


Daily activities will include:


At Philly KiDZ, we like to afford all attending children the opportunity to discover the wonderful benefits of Martial Arts. Self Defense, Confidence, Self Discovery and Accomplishments... The mentality that they can achieve anything they desire and work hard for and we offer it at Philly KiDZ Summer Camp through a collaborative partnership with Rick Henry Martial Arts Studio, right here, in Philadelphia.

"KIDZ Academic Boost"

Grade appropriate Bridge Academics Program

 At Philly KiDZ we firmly believe that, each child should constantly be learning and exploring the world around them. This unique Academic Boost Program is designed to review and solidify their Grade appropriate Math, Reading, and Comprehension skills to better prepare them for the next Academic year. It is the only Academic Summer Program in line with the PA State Mandated Curriculum, and is operated by School District Teachers. All materials will be provided.

“Philly KiDZ Shine”

Vocal Program

 This Award Winning Vocal Program presents children with an opportunity to participate in an acapella group, learn the fundamentals of singing, and explore their talent, in a safe, fun environment. One of our teaching/performing artists will conduct every session. The kids will practice their beginning breathing exercises, warm up, vocal repertoire’, and end with the cooling down of the vocal.


  “Philly KiDZ Beat”

Percussion Program

This Fun-filled Percussion program will teach your child about different World Rhythms. This is a performance oriented program and the kids will get to perform at the end of Summer Camp.


"KiDZ Art Zone"

Visual Arts Program

All children are born artists, and this Program is

designed to bring out the imagination of every camper, and build a stronger understanding of shapes, colors, shading, etc...

Numerous activities are taught by seasoned local Artisans in order to insure variety and broaden the Arts experience for our children.

"KiDZ Soccer Across America"

Sports Program

This Sports Program is Authorized by Philly KiDZ Initiative Soccer Across America Chapter and is an introduction into the world's favorite game. All kids participate in fundamental drills and exercises to improve technique, stamina and develop a strong health based routine that will last a life time. 

"Computer and Robotics"

This Club is available for kids 3rd Grade and up. We delve into the building and programming of robots, discover space exploration through building rockets and drones... This is a great way for kids to get excited about the future of science and engineering. 

"English As a Second Language"

Sponsored by Philly KiDZ Initiative, this program is available for immigrant children whose primary language is not English. This program runs the entire 6 weeks and has helped children to improve their English speaking, writing and expressive skills in order to allow them an opportunity to advance to the next grade with improved English proficiency.

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